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How it Works

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Save 40% time while building UI. CopyCat will take care of all the redundant work while you focus on your best work.

Product teams in the fastest growing companies use CopyCat to build quickly

Eliminate sprint delays and design inconsistencies

Never start coding from scratch. We will take care of the redundant React.js, HTML and CSS boilerplate code so you can spend time working on the real challenges.

Our AI can read even mature code bases and reuse existing components.

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“First time a tool has given me usable code to build upon”

I like that CopyCat doesn't try to generate everything but just focuses on writing developer friendly code that I can instantly copy and build upon.

Jon Leguzmo,
React.js developer @Quotafox
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Didn't have to change my workflow
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Importing assets was super easy
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Surprised by how readable the code was
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Colors and other constants were externalized

Scale your front-end development infinite times over

Powered by AI & trained on 100,000 + designs, CopyCat will help you speed up your front-end development at an unprecedented rate and save hundreds of thousands of dollars for you.
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