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Convert your Figma design into usable HTML CSS in a few clicks. Speed up front-end web development with production-ready code. Create stunning web pages and web applications with responsive web design with a click of a button.

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Produce developer friendly HTML CSS from Figma Designs

1) Install CopyCat design tool

2) Open Figma and design files

3) Open Plugins and select CopyCat

4) Select the frame(s) you want to export

5) Preview and edit code, then export to css HTML

Accelerate Front-End Web Development Time

Go from design to web page within seconds
Eliminate designs that appear simple but are complex with real-time feedback
Evaluate designs instantly with a developing perspective
Spend less time coding layouts, elements, and structural components

Get Quality HTML CSS from Designs with AI

Similar elements and styles are grouped together
Efficiently generate clean code that is not bloated
Generate strong boilerplate, layout, and atomic code instantly

The fastest growing product teams use CopyCat

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Focus on rewarding challenges, not on redundant boilerplate code

Build frictionless communication between designers and developers

Deliver better outcomes faster with a design-to-CSS tool that makes collaboration painless

Neatly communicate and handoff design specs and assets to engineers with minimal back and forth

Eliminate headaches of poor handoff during a design project

Developers get clean code to work with, and designers can freely customize interfaces as they wish.

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"First time a tool has helped me convert design to HTML, CSS, and React.js code"

I’ve used many tools and CopyCat definitely stands out. The AI-generated code saves me at least 30% of development time every sprint.

Jaafar Skafi,
React.js developer @ Altruist
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Didn't have to change my workflow
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Importing assets was super easy
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Surprised by how readable the code was
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Colors and other constants were externalized

Build Responsive Websites and Applications Faster

Build efficiently with automatic design to html generation. Start building with quality, consistent and readable code. Easily build beautiful web apps with responsive web design. Reduce iteration and design ambiguity between designers and engineers. Start using a design to code tool that will revolutionize your frontend development and business.

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Create powerful websites and applications easily

Developers and designers can create fully functional websites or apps from a Figma design with just a few clicks

Preview and publish designs faster

Create a functional prototype quickly with responsive design

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Figma be converted to HTML?

Yes, use the CopyCat Figma plugin to export Figma to HTML code. Skip the manual HTML conversion and export Figma to HTML with ease.

How do I convert Figma designs to HTML?

1) Install CopyCat on Figma
2) Open desired Figma designs
3) Open "Plugins" and click on CopyCat
4) Select the design frames(s) you want to export
5) View preview and export design to HTML code

What is HTML and CSS design?

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the two core programming languages for building web pages. HTML provides the structure of the page while CSS controls the visual layout and presentation.

Do graphic designers use HTML and CSS?

Web graphic designers do use HTML and CSS, but those are not the only languages a graphic designer should know. Most use HTML and CSS as a pair because HTML alone is not enough. Designers use CSS to format and maintain HTML elements and readability.

How do I convert Figma designs to HTML?

1) Install CopyCat design tool
2) Open Figma and design files
3) Open Plugins and select CopyCat
4) Select the frame(s) you want to export
5) Export to HTML, preview and edit code, then publish

Do designers write CSS?

Web designers don't have to write the HTML or CSS themselves, but they should know how markup (HTML) and CSS work because it is essential to being a good web designer. It's advantageous because knowing how their web layout designs convert to a website is essential for good collaboration between designers and developers.