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Fastest way to build production ready UI code

How to turn Figma into React code?

1) Tell us about your stack

Request an invite to CopyCat and tell us about your front-end stack.

2) Set up your account

We will set up your account based on your technology requirements.

3) Export code from Figma with a click

Convert Figma designs to scaffolding/boilerplate code with a click.
Plenty of enterprises, agencies, and freelancers use CopyCat

Production Ready Code

component based code

Generate production-ready Code in a few clicks

Readable class names Component-based
Responsive code
Figma, Sketch, AdobeXD
perfect variable nomenclature

Get properly named code

Integrated to the existing structure
Named with the current naming convention
Dynamic code
No dependencies, just copy/paste
responsive code for convenience

Easily Copy Responsive Code

Editable classnames and HTML tags
Editable props
Preview, zoom, and resizing options
Minimizes hardcoding for consistent designs


Get high quality code

React, Vue, Html
Scss, Styled Components
Readable and minimalist CSS
Dynamic code using props
Just copy/paste
“They loved it”

In new screens coding up padding, borders, colors and flex-boxes gobbles time. It took me seconds to do that with CopyCat.

Arthur Leclerc,
React.js developer @ThinkTech
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Didn't have to change my workflow
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Importing assets was super easy
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Surprised by how readable the code was
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Colors and other constants were externalized

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