CopyCat integrates right into your workflow

benefits of using CopyCat
Easily handle API endpoints
benefits of using CopyCat
Sync all design tokens
benefits of using CopyCat
Consistent with your design system
benefits of using CopyCat
Editable classnames and HTML tags
benefits of using CopyCat
Control over props
benefits of using CopyCat
Minimalist CSS

Figma to React.js in seconds

We create functional React.js components, which are easy to read and extend. You can also plug and play with them in your codebase without any changes.

Create and reuse styling from your existing code and designs

The data from your designs are used to quickly generate styling so you don't have to spend your time copying hex-codes, fonts and and pixel values.

CopyCat's algorithms also generate layouts against multiple screen sizes to ensure that the code works for you.

Preview what's generated

CopyCat lets you see what we've generated right inside Figma before you move it over to your IDE.

You can also make edits using our editor before exporting.

You are one step away from building UI faster

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